CEFI Grabs 5th Place in Midwifery Licensure Exam

CEFI ranks 5th in the Midwifery Board Exam 2015 is proving to be a charm for Cefizens! Barely four months after BS RT graduate Charles Adam Badon placed 10th at the Licensure Examination for Radiologic Technologists last July, Crystal Mataragnon, another Cefizen ranked 5th at the Board Exams for Midwives given early November. Mataragnon posted an average of 87.4% landing her in the fifth. 4 other Cefizens made it giving the school an 83.33% passing average. They are Yunish Maglasang; Lianne Cantara; Maria Roen Reyes; and Easter Princess Javier. 1,273 out of 2,867 examinees passed this year’s licensure examination for Midwives.



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